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all types of art and culture in the northern part of the state.


Fleur de Lis
Join us for our 21st Annual
Mardi Gras, February 7, 2015

Mardi Gras 2014 was a great success --
thanks to all who came and joined in on the fun!


Fleur de Lis

NRICA Mardi Gras King, Queen, and Princesses in the Autumnfest Parade
Mardi Gras Queen Sheylon Lawson and King Jace Robert Phillips

Mardi Gras Princesses Brittney Croteau and Carla Faria

(driven by 2012 Queen Jackie Boudreau and her husband Rene)

Mardi Gras Queen Shelon Lawson prepares for the Autumnfest Parade